Saturday, January 3, 2009

The New Year

These days after the holiday rush are excellent for reflection,
for weighing our options, for considering how we would like our
life to be "different". In reality, there are probably forces, both
internal and external, that resist any major change in the current
structure of our activities and relationships, and when you
consider moods and thinking, well, those can seem impossible to
significantly change. But, hope springs eternal and we'll buy that
self-help book or gym membership because, deep down, we still
believe in a place where all things are possible.

'Twas the Night After New Year's

'Twas the night after New Year's and all through the house
The people were snoring as well as the mouse.
A fortnight of stuffing their face to the gills
Delight of the young and their Christmas Day thrills
Songs had been sung and ornaments strung
Dinners were hosted and good times were toasted
Ball had been dropped and corks had been popped
As bubbly was raised and Auld Lang was praised.
But now the grand New Year stretches ahead
And all of the revelers, asleep in their beds,
Are dreaming and scheming of what they will do
With gift of a full year, so brand spanking new
That all seems afresh with a pristine potential
Awaiting commands for they all are credentialed
To do what they will as they number their days
E'en though looking forward there seems to be haze
And who knows what mountains will need to be razed...
A pair of eyes opens, and preveniently, prays.

Happy New Year!

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